Planned Obsolescence

Talking with Ricardo López, he recommended me a very interesting documentary about planned obsolescence. It really opened my mind. It's something we all know that it exists, but when you watch the documentary you realise how important it is.

Planned obsolescence appeared when mass production started in the 20s. It's one of the fundamentals of capitalism and it has taken us to a consumer society. Most women think about buying that new top, or this new perfume. Children want a new toy everyday. Men are less known for wanting to buy things they don't need, but then you always see them getting a new TV, gadget, car or whatever. Of course, I'm generalizing, but this is the typical social model we see today.

I don't know if the bad guys are the people with money who make us buy things, or society who falls in the trap. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, things are starting to change. People know more and more about planned obsolescence are starting to fight to change this. A lot of cases have been taken to court. Many bright minds are thinking of different economic models to substitute  capitalism.

In my opinion, a revolution is starting. The Internet is helping information to get everywhere, what helps to unite the people fighting against planned obsolescence. This will get to more and more people. Things will start to change, but it will definetely take a lot of years. The French Revolution took ages to stabilize...

Here's the documental (it's in Spanish):